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Years after the loss of her father, Tara Yewa is still struggling to cope. She visits the cemetery frequently, spends an inordinate amount of time thinking about death, possesses very little self-confidence, and feels anxious and alone every day. Challenges on the home front and at school lead her to breaking point, and just as things are coming to a head, a mysterious young man enters her life and upends her world forever. Before she knows what's happening, Tara is transported to an alternate realm. There she must find the inner strength to survive through grief and fear, all while unraveling the mystery of exactly why she was taken there.

Of Time-Cracked Granite is the first in a four-book series, the Odyssea Transmortem. It's a fantasy, of sorts—not your classic dragons and elves and magic sort of fantasy, but fantasy. On the surface it is an adventure story, but it's also about coping with loss, confronting one's fears, and finding a way forward.

Of Time-Cracked Granite by Gaines Post


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