Other Writing

Someday I am going to write a book about my experiences travelling around in southwest China and eastern Tibet as a nineteen-year-old. I kept a journal back then, and have some ideas on how I’d like to put it into prose. I will likely call it Searcher, for that is very much what I was doing. It’s a book that’s in me, and I need to write it, but I am not sure when exactly it’s gonna come out. Definitely before my memory fades too much though! :-) Stay tuned.

I also have toyed around with the idea of writing about experiences, both my own and those of people I’ve met, with playing music on the street. If I do, I’ll call the book Busk. I’ve already jotted down a rough outline.

More titles to come! This website is a work in progress. Thank you for your patience :-)

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