Otherspect Publishing

In addition to being the name of a blog and a storytelling and discussion forum, Otherspect is also a publishing imprint.

All of my work (under the name “Gaines Post”) is being published under the Otherspect imprint. I created it so that I can have as close to complete artistic freedom as possible. For now, it’s just me, but someday I might add other authors to the mix :-)

In part as an experiment to learn how to set up print books, and in part as an effort to make a small side income to support my creative writing, I have created some blank journals / notebooks / diaries and put them up for sale here on Amazon.com (click to see the full list), using the Otherspect Publishing imprint. A few of the covers feature photos of Australian birds taken by Fiona Post, and there are several others with simple phrases on them. These latter each come in a variety of colours. Below are a few examples.
(Please note: The following images link to the Amazon US site; for links to Otherspect journals for sale in other countries, click here: Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan). If not listed here, you can search your country’s Amazon website for "Otherspect Publishing" :-)).

Again, the covers of each of the above come in a variety of colours (except for the bird ones). They all contain 120 pages of blank, lined paper, and would work well as journals / notebooks / diaries / gifts / etc. Oh, and the red borders around the images are just to make them stand out on this webpage; there is no red border on the actual books themselves.

Because Amazon does not yet offer a recycled paper option for publishing print books (including notebooks/journals), I will be donating a portion of proceeds to One Tree Planted (onetreeplanted.org), a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation and biodiversity. In this way I hope to do my part to offset deforestation and minimize damage to our natural environment. I look forward to the day, hopefully not in the too-distant future, when Amazon and other large publishers use recycled paper in all of their print and print-on-demand services!

Thank you for having a look, and enjoy! I sincerely appreciate your support :-)

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