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Everything published on Otherspect.com is either my (Gaines Post's) opinion or an opinion or story from someone who has given me explicit permission to write about it. (If you send me an idea or story or image via email to use for a blog post, you are giving me permission to write about it or present it however I choose, though I will of course keep the source anonymous unless instructed otherwise; and even then, I reserve the right to keep the source anonymous to protect your privacy and mine.)

I make no claim to be correct or objective or fair in anything I express on this site. My opinions are my own, and while I mean no offense to anyone, it is inevitable that someone will feel offended by something I write or depict here. However, I make no apologies for that, because I cannot control how you react or feel about something, nor would I want to. You may feel however you want about what I write, just as I may write however I feel.

That said, I acknowledge that I am imperfect and can make mistakes, just like any other human. Please know that my intention is never to cause harm or stress of any kind. On the contrary, it is my sincere hope that these blog posts will be able to help someone, even if that simply means bringing a smile to the face of just one person.

I run this site as I please. This will not change. While I do welcome you to join the conversation by contributing ideas via email for blog posts, Otherspect is ultimately my project, not yours, and you have no rights or ownership to anything I publish here. If you send me an idea for a blog post and I agree to write about it, the blog post I publish will still be written by me, not you; I will word it however I choose to, adding to it or subtracting from it as I please, and the finished product will be mine and mine alone. You do not get a vote on this. I will of course try to be respectful and faithful to the story or idea you send me, as I am to the core a reasonable person, but at the end of the day, I am the one who decides what is appropriate for my website, not you, and by sending me something, you are giving me the express permission to write about it or not in whatever manner I see fit.

I also do not claim to be constant or immutable. My opinions on something might change over time, so please do not expect there to be any sort of consistency across these blog posts and online journal entries, which stretch all the way back to 2012, in terms of theme or opinion or viewpoint or anything else.

Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, organizations, locations, events, incidents, stories, and situations mentioned on this website are either the product of the author’s (my) imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events or locations or businesses or organizations, is purely coincidental.


You are welcome to comment in the Otherspect Storytelling and Discussion Forum, but as fair warning, please know these two things: 1) Any information you enter there and any comment you post there is subject to the privacy and content and other policies of either Goodreads.com or Discord.com, depending on the location of the comment, and I am not liable for your actions or inactions; and 2) I, as moderator and administrator of that storytelling and discussion forum, reserve the right to moderate and administer as I choose.

I personally loathe censorship and love free speech, and will do my level best to welcome and include a very broad range of opinions and viewpoints in any discussions that happen in the Otherspect Storytelling and Discussion Forum (or Fora). At the same time, however, it is my wish to create a peaceful, inclusive environment in which any conversations and debates that might arise are kept civil; to this end, in case things ever get out of hand, I will delete any comments I consider to be too offensive or inappropriate, and will even ban you from the server if I feel it necessary. Again, you do not get a vote on this; this is not a democracy.

All that said, I hope we can all get along and celebrate our differences rather than fight about them, so that I don’t have to resort to such ugly measures.


I, Gaines Post, owner and operator of the Otherspect website, invite you to submit your email address via the Newsletter submission forms on Otherspect.com if you would like to receive news and updates via my monthly Newsletter. What happens to your email address if you do? It gets automatically added to an email list that is for my eyes only, which I will use to send out the Newsletters and for no other purpose. The service I use for this is Mailchimp, and while I myself can promise not to share your email address with anyone else (I do promise this), I have no control over how your information may or may not be stored in Mailchimp’s servers. Apart from this, I do not retain any of your information for any other purpose, commercial, technical, or otherwise (and I don’t sell ads here, so I don’t run third party software; however, if you should click an external link that takes you from this website to, say, Goodreads.com or Amazon.com or Discord.com for example, then what you do on those sites or any other external site is your business, and I am not responsible for what happens to any information you might enter there).

Any comments you make in the Otherspect Storytelling and Discussion Fora on Goodreads.com and Discord.com are public and can be seen by others, including me, and are subject to Goodread's or Discord’s content and privacy policies.

If you send me an email with an idea for a blog post to write for the Otherspect blog, and if I agree to write about it, then I will keep your name and contact info and any other names involved anonymous and private. Only if you wish for me to mention your name in the blog post will I consider doing so, though I do still reserve the right to keep it anonymous, in order to protect both you and myself. And I will always keep any other person or persons you mention anonymous so as to protect their privacy.

I built this website by myself, on my own computer, using html and css code typed straight into Notepad (the simple Windows program), and I use Gimp 2.0 (open-source software) for image-editing. I do not use any other software or apps to build and maintain this website, nor do I ever intend to, and this fact makes me able to state even more confidently that your information is safe with me.

Thank you for reading :-)


All content © 2023 Otherspect. Plagiarists and thieves will be hunted down and destroyed. Also, I get a tiny commission through links to works for sale at Amazon.com via that company's Associates program. It's miniscule (literally a matter of a few extra cents, not dollars), but I am required to disclose it.