Welcome to the Misty Mountain Accord website! Make yourself at home :-)

Welcome to the online home of Misty Mountain Accord!

Upcoming Misty Mountain Accord shows:

We don't have any upcoming shows booked for now, but stay tuned! Now that we're out of lockdown, we are hoping to do some more performances very soon. The moment we have some dates, we will post them here on this website and on our Facebook page.

Meanwhile, have a listen to Ellie P.'s new single, "Fiddle Man"! Click here: Fiddle Man

Also, Gaines is currently performing every Tuesday from 10:30 a.m. to noon at On the Soul Side Café in Katoomba. There is delicious coffee and cake and other goodies :-)

Enjoy, and we hope to see you soon! :-)

Past Misty Mountain Accord shows:

Our past performances

Solstice Magic

On Saturday, June 19th, 2022, it was our honour to take part in the Solstice Magic festivities at the Katoomba Family Hotel. So many great bands were there! We had a blast.

On May 15th, 2022, Ellie P. performed solo at the Steep St. Gallery (84 Bathurst Rd. Katoomba) for the opening celebrations of Helen Bells's art exhibition, "Push It Again".

On the Soul Side gig!

On March 21st, 2021 we performed our very first gig at On the Soul Side Café in Katoomba.

You can listen to the tunes we played by clicking here.

We both had a wonderful time, and are extremely honoured to have been invited to take part in this grand re-launch of the historic Hotel Gearin as a music venue! Thank you so much, Dave Griffiths!!! We hope the music continues to flow there long into the future :-)

And thank you to everyone who attended, and to everyone else who couldn't be there physically but were with us in spirit. It meant a lot. Thank you! <3

About MMA

About Misty Mountain Accord

Based in the upper Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia, Misty Mountain Accord is an acoustic duo influenced by various traditions including folk, Celtic, blues, Scandinavian, bluegrass, and beyond. We do some covers of artists we love, as well as a whole bunch of original music. These days we are both writing up a storm!

More specifically, we are:

Ellie P. (vocals, guitar, bodhran, violin)

and Gaines Post (flute, vocals, guitar, penny whistle).


Misty Mountain Accord hasn't done any studio recordings "as a band" (yet!), but the link below leads to our YouTube channel, in which you can find several videos of tunes from our very first gig (and thank you, Fiona Post, for recording them for us!):

Our YouTube channel

For further listening, here is Elle's Bandcamp page:

Music by Ellie P.

...and here is Gaines's YouTube channel, which includes some old recordings from many moons ago.

Contact Us

MMA contact form

To contact Misty Mountain Accord for any reason, click the button above, or send an email to info AT otherspect Dot com, and we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you!

Our YouTube channel
Our Facebook page

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